Google Chrome 11+ on Slackware 
So yea it has been awhile since I've posted anything, not that anyone other than search engine bots read this page.

Anyway I try to keep Google Chrome up to date on my workstation, which on linux requires updating the package since it doesn't have an internal automatic update function like Firefox does. So I updated to version 11 (build 698), and noticed that for some reason Google decided to link the binary against libpam, argh. For most other distributions this likely isn't an issue, but since Slackware doesn't use pam you get a nice library not found error. There also doesn't appear to be a prebuilt package of libpam for slackware, which is probably fine, should probably know what you could be delving into by installing pam.

Since I'm not interested in 'pamifying' my Slackware I just want the library so chrome will launch, I downloaded the source from and installed it and chrome now works yey! Though the newer version also appears to try to detect graphics card capabilities or similar since it is looking for libpci, it is just a warning but apparently this is something new as the next release version (v12, build 742) doesn't result in that error, though that could be related to my nvidia card/driver too.

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