udev and machine cloning 
As per my post below I had created a 'master' install of Slackware 12 in order to make setting up a dozen boxes easier, so rather than do a bunch of installs just install everything once and then rsync it to the new machines later and just make a few changes. Turns out that udevd caused a problem with the network interface naming on the 'cloned' machines. In my case eth0 and eth1 initialized properly in the kernel boot, but later after the init scripts ran they were changed to eth2 and eth3.

This is due to udevd making note of the MAC address on the master box inside /etc/udev/rules.d/75-network-devices.rules, seeing that those mac addresses weren't present in the machine and renamed them accordingly. The fix is simple enough by either removing that file or edit out the mac addresses of the original box and either rebooting or restarting udevd.

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